Cutting-Edge Solutions for a Dynamic World

We develop solutions with emerging technologies for enterprise clients, empowering them to adapt and achieve new advantages in competitive, rapidly developing markets.

Our Mission

Thoughtful Implementation of Real-World Innovation

Technology is increasingly central to the lives of both businesses and consumers, and new innovations continuously redefine entire industries. Globalive BIG Dev balances the varied needs of enterprise clients in this ever-changing marketplace, turning seemingly impossible ideas into real-world applications. New technology must be as practical as it is exciting, so we work closely with clients to build on their established strengths and remain compliant with industry regulations. Thoughtful implementation of new solutions makes it possible for clients to not only enter a new era, but thrive in it.

Developing New Solutions

Emerging Technologies

Globalive BIG Dev plans and implements new applications for a wide range of new technologies to help your business move forward. These are just a few of the technologies we are using to help enterprise clients move forward.


Globalive BIG Dev implements blockchain and hybrid solutions to solve the challenges and shortcomings of traditional, centralized networking and recording technologies.


From identity confirmation to immutable ledgers, Globalive BIG Dev is at the forefront of cybersecurity technology, helping ensure data and accounts remain safe and secure.


Globalive BIG Dev effectively develops and implements microtransaction systems, allowing enterprise clients to gain a new advantage in the new digital marketplace.

Implementing Ideas in Regulated Markets

Compliance Meets Cutting-Edge

New technologies often struggles to be adopted by established companies, as misuse and uncertainty create risks. Globalive BIG Dev includes compliance experts from multiple industries, and we know how to not only develop new technologies, but implement them with full regulatory compliance.

The Latest

News and Updates

Find out what Globalive BIG Dev is working on now.

Why Blockchain Could Be Bigger Than the Internet

Why Blockchain Could Be Bigger Than the Internet

Blockchain empowers data access and traceability beyond that of the World Wide Web Ask just about any technology analyst what they think of blockchain’s potential economic impact and you’ll likely receive a glowing prediction. Ask many corporate executives the same...

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Practical Applications

Our Solutions

Globalive BIG Dev develops innovative, technology-based solutions to solve real-world business challenges. Here are some of challenges we are already working to address.

Who We Are

Emerging Pathbreakers meet Seasoned Experts

A joint venture between Business Instincts Group and Globalive Technology, the Globalive BIG Dev team includes new disruptors in cutting-edge technologies alongside experienced veterans in technology, compliance, and startup leadership.
Andy Quinn

Andy Quinn


Andy is a technology visionary with extensive experience leading software builds to tackle business problems. He’s led dozens of development projects across his three decades in tech, working alongside leading partners like Microsoft and within a diverse industry set including healthcare, fintech, SaaS, AI and e-learning. Andy pulls on his experience to build and deploy technologies using business-driven, agile processes. In his spare time, Andy sits on the Board of NAFI CT, a multi-service agency that provides programming and support for families and children with developmental needs.
Cameron Chell

Cameron Chell

Product Architect

Cameron has been an entrepreneur since age 14, and has since spent his career growing a diverse collection of high-potential ideas into revolutionary companies that have changed the way we experience the world. Cameron’s leadership was critical to the success of Urthecast, which he co-founded, Cold Bore Technologies, Slyce, Raptor Rig, Trace and Trax. Most recently, Cameron has served as an advisor to KodakCoin, one of the first compliant crypto currencies developed in partnership between Business Instincts Group, WENN Digital and ICOX Innovations.
Erika Racicot

Erika Racicot

Chief Operating Officer

Erika brings to the team a career in building repeatable, scalable systems that empower growth across operations, product development, marketing and human capital. Erike is the President and Founding Partner of Business Instincts Group, where she leads the BIG team to rapidly transform ideas into viable ventures. Erika was the co-founder and COO of Slyce, which uses AI image recognition technology to do visual search for fortune 100 retailers . She also led Slyce to acquire three prominent U.S. and Israeli tech companies, and spearheaded growing the company’s data center in Atlantic Canada. She continues to serve on the Board of the company and received her designation from the Institute of Corporate Directors in 2015.
Don Ostergard

Don Ostergard

VP, Technology Operations

Don is a results-oriented, senior information technology professional experienced in successfully delivering complex programs and projects. From his role as Chief Information Officer at Royal Roads University, to his project management work at Linlor Business Solutions, Don has a solid track record of delivering infrastructure migration, upgrade projects, and software solutions. Don fully understands the project life-cycle from initiation to completion, and he possesses the ability to operate and communicate effectively at all levels of an organization and outside agencies.
Lucien Rucci

Lucien Rucci

Director of Information Technology

Lucien is a senior technology evangelist with a business perspective and a track record of delivering exceptional, value-applying technology. He possesses a breadth of leadership and hands-on expertise in software development, business analysis, resource, project, and infrastructure management in organizations ranging in scope from successful startups to multinational corporations. Lucien’s experience in high-tech manufacturing, financial SaaS, online learning, and consulting provides Globalive BIG Dev’s clients with a wealth of experience to draw from in planning strategic services to address all manner of tactical technology issues.
Dolly Katiyar

Dolly Katiyar

Web Development Manager

Dolly is a well-rounded web developer with experience in analysis, quality assurance, database design and user experience design. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and works with PHP, .NET, WordPress, CSS, SQL, C#, JQuery, and Javascript. She is the creator of MojitoApp, an online restaurant management system used by 15+ restaurants to power their brand. Her wide range of development skills is coupled with experience in adjacent areas that make her an asset to the BIG team, including UX and UI design, debugging, web hosting, and support. Dolly prides herself on her ability to approach projects with strategic macro and micro views, solving complex, overarching problems while simultaneously paying attention to the smallest details.
Adam Quinn

Adam Quinn

Quality and Production Manager

Adam brings an editorial and academic background to the technology world. He has served as a production editor for leading medical journals, led the editorial board of a history journal, and performed quality assurance on e-learning courses and web applications. With a master’s degree in History, Adam applies a scholarly attention for detail and an analytical mindset to technology production, ensuring effective processes and on-target results.
Mike Arbach

Mike Arbach

Blockchain Architect

Mike is a business-oriented software engineer with over fifteen years of experience in backend development and distributed architecture. His knowledge is spread over multiple industries including energy, finance, and healthcare. He is an early blockchain enthusiast, developer, and investor. Mike holds a master’s degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia and speaks four languages.


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